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Welcome to "Breaking the Stigma"

 Providing insight, support, and newsworthy reading concerning individuals with various disabilities, family forums to unite and share stories, as well as informative articles on good health for all, and much more.



Hi, my name is Kaylee McGrath. Born to extreme prematurity at 11-weeks early, it’s been a struggle, but with determination and support I’ve learned to manage my several developmental disabilities throughout my childhood, school years, and in the workplace. Currently, I work part-time for a non-profit organization as a co-host for their weekly Women’s Group. My desire is to help people with physical, hidden, and mental illness disabilities by providing useful information and articles to those who do not fully understand about the estimated 40+ Million Americans that are disabled and/or their challenges.


My goal with creating a blog is to help eliminate stereotyping, unnecessary judging, discrimination, harassment, and bullying. My passion and dedication are to get the word out that individuals with disabilities are employable, have a unique role in the workplace, and want to do their share as all Americans strive to do.



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