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07/25/2022 – “Straight Up COVID” By Kaylee McGrath

An important community campaign organized by the Education and Advocacy department team of the MOCEANS Center for Independent Living is truly worth reading about, to follow COVID variant updates, and watching their videos prepared and organized by staff team members. These various informative campaign messages can be viewed on the MOCEANS Facebook page.

Additionally, the MOCEANS Facebook page has postings with many personal statements listing the reasons why “I Got My Vaccine Because” ….

Reasons Why if you Haven’t Already Been Vaccinated WHY YOU SHOULD!

• Getting vaccinated helps stop the spread of COVID-19, and protects those who are high-risk from getting severely ill

• New research shows that while reinfection of Covid-19 is possible, being fully vaccinated (including at least one booster) is the best way to prevent getting the virus again. 'Hybrid immunity' (fully vaccinated + natural antibodies from having Covid one time) is the strongest immunity that has been studied so far

• Vaccines help to protect vulnerable populations. If you have any health concerns or personal medical questions, be sure to contact your doctor and discuss vaccine options available to you

• Reducing symptoms and keeping you out of the hospital is the vaccine's main job!

• Protecting others and ourselves

• Many people change their minds about getting vaccinated once they think about their loved ones, individuals they care for, and their community

• Studies show that many adults who tested positive for COVID-19 throughout the last two years now experience 'long covid', or lingering symptoms/illnesses due to the virus. Getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent severe illness from covid-19

• Good health is the goal (for everyone)!

• It’s not so new, after all. There have been years of research around vaccine technology, and yes – even mRNA tech!

Visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Recourses Facebook page for up-to-date information:*F

The MOCEANS Disabilities Help Desk welcomes you to reach out to them for assistance at:

1(833) 662-3267 and request the COVID-19 Resource Help Center for any questions, concerns, or needed info about COVID & the vaccine. For some quick resources, visit our COVID-19 webpage at:

Source of Information: MOCEANS Center For Independent Living and various Google Searches

Until Next Week, Stay Safe and Well!

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