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08/01/2022 – “My Personal Views on the Overturning of Roe v Wade” By Kaylee McGrath

Since the Supreme Court’s decision on June 24, 2022 regarding the overturning of Roe v Wade, I’ve had some time to put my thoughts together on what I think about this decision being a person of various developmental disabilities. First off, I would like to share with all of my readers that when my mother was pregnant with me, she was at extreme high risk (two prior miscarriages, approximately 41 years old, had an incompetent cervix and had a Cervical Cerclage at 13-weeks to surgically close her cervix to prevent another miscarriage and a premature birth) and was given the opportunity to terminate her pregnancy because of the results of various tests given in her second trimester.

My mother and father asked specific questions regarding what was going wrong or what went wrong with the pregnancy. Unfortunately, her OBGYN did not provide many facts and only said after her Amniocentesis procedure, weekly ultrasounds, and other tests that my growth was slowing down fast and my lower extremities were not progressing properly. My parents once again were given the opportunity to make a decision to either go through with the pregnancy or abort me.

My parents asked the OBGYN two very important questions:

1. Did the Amniocentesis show “Down Syndrome” or any other chromosome disorder?

2. Did any other tests show deformities in my heart, lungs, bones, etc.?

Her OBGYN said NO to all of those questions and concerns. My mother then asked the doctor what would he recommend to come up with for a suggestion for her to make a decision. He told my mother to think about what her limitations would be raising a child with medical issues. Her response to him was a very honest one being, if no Down Syndrome or severe birth defects were found in any of the medical testing, she felt confident she would be able to go through with the pregnancy and raise me as best as she could. I was born just a few weeks later at 1lb 9oz and 15 inches long (27-weeks gestational). I was born breathing on my own because my mother was given growth hormone shots starting at the end of her first trimester to develop my lungs.

So, What Went Wrong with my Mothers Pregnancy?

My mother said around 3-weeks after I was born a full report came back revealing the results of the placenta being examined. The results showed she had a rare abnormal reversed umbilical flow causing me to not properly grow, therefore causing growth development and possible developmental issues. Since this happened over 24 years ago, not much was known in advance on how this rare reversed umbilical flow can either be prevented or treated during a pregnancy. The medical field does know a lot more now regarding this issue.

Now that you have read all of this, I now want to provide my thoughts and opinions concerning the overturning of Roe v Wade:

• NEVER should abortions be given as an optional source of birth control and an easy way out of being totally irresponsible

• The Government should provide more funding for schools and organizations to teach young adults and all adults the importance of birth control and sex education

  • Various birth control should be readily available to all who needs it and covered under all prescription drug plans and given to whoever needs them that may not have insurance

  • Make the morning after pill readily available to ALL

  • Well visits to include birth control discussions/options and dispensing of various birth control without the insurance companies making it difficult to receive and refill prescriptions

• The Government and religious groups should stay out of a doctor and patients’ discussions and decision on important test results and findings of a pregnancy, the future outcome of an unhealthy/disabled baby, or the health and safety of the mother. Honestly, I can’t understand the reasoning with our government and religious groups to not allow aborting a pregnancy if the mother’s life is in danger (save the baby or saving the mother, and still either or both die?)

• All states should allow abortions for the health and safety of the mother, child, incest, rape, etc. No woman should be forced to carry a child under these circumstances

• Lastly, for those who do not take birth control seriously, for goodness sakes, I have a processing/learning disorder and I understand the importance of birth control… why can’t the educated and professionals understand this. This is not solely the problem of people in poor communities or the uneducated. Come on people this is easy, just use protection, NO EXCUSES!

Because of my Disability Do I Ever Think My Parents Should Have Aborted Me?

Some days yes, some days no, because on how I’m treated out in the community and workplace. It is tough having a hidden disability because the majority of people cannot understand what they cannot see. Physical and mental disabilities are also very hard to manage acceptance from society. There should be more education for everyone regarding various disabilities and it also begins and should continue at home by parents. Most people just brush us off as being a burden, in the way, and incapable of doing great things. Last but not least, the majority of people feel we are incapable of building and maintaining meaningful relationships, be able to love, and get married. Well to all of you who think this way, you are all wrong! Disabled people all over the world have a unique purpose in life, in the workforce, community, add economic growth, and CAN and DO accomplish many wonderful things.

Until Next Week, Stay Safe and Well!

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