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05/16/2022 “Global Accessibility Awareness Day” By Kaylee McGrath

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, we will celebrate the 11th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)! The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion, and the more than One Billion people with disabilities/impairments. The GAAD Foundation was launched in 2021 to mark GAAD’s 10th anniversary. Its mission is to disrupt the culture of technology and digital product development to include accessibility as a core requirement.

What is Digital Accessibility?

Every user either disabled or non-disabled deserves a first-rate digital experience on the web. Someone with a disability must be able to experience web-based services, content, and other digital products with the same successful outcome as those without disabilities. This awareness and commitment to inclusion is the goal of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), a global event that spotlights on digital access and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Population Affected by Inaccessibility

• From both a civil rights and a business perspective, people with disabilities are underserved by today’s digital products

There are over One Billion People Worldwide that have various disabilities. Noted below are some common disabilities/impairments:


People who are blind need alternative text descriptions for meaningful images and use the keyboard and not a mouse to interact with interactive elements


People who are deaf or hard of hearing will need captioning for video presentations and visual indicators in place of audio cues


People with motor impairments may need alternative keyboards, eye control or some other adaptive hardware to help them type and navigate on their devices


An uncluttered screen, consistent navigation and the use of plain language would be useful for people with different learning disabilities/impairments

Ways Everyone Can Help

• Attend in-person, virtual, or private events

• Host your own events

• Participate in activities, initiatives, or projects

Personal Note:

I know first-hand being a person with a processing/learning disability how difficult and frustrating it can be at times to navigate on the World Wide Web. I’m hoping in time and with the help and support of this global campaign, digital accessibility will improve for everyone!

Source of Information: Various Google Searches

Until Next Week, Stay Safe and Well!

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