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09/04/2023 “Disability Influencers and Advocates Part 4” By Kaylee McGrath

Featuring: Candace Cable - Born July 15, 1954

Opening Statement:

Candice Cable is a strong-willed competitor and an accomplished nine-time Paralympian. Candice has also been an integral voice in adaptive sport, both through her athletic and post-athletic career. What I admire most about her is that she took control of her life in just two years after a spinal cord injury from a car accident that left her legs paralyzed at 21-years-old. She also overcame a drug addiction. Candice never let her being paralyzed stop her from achieving anything as well as her determination to help others who have disabilities.

About Candice:

· She was the first American woman to win medals in both the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games. After debuting on the Paralympic stage at Arnhem 1980, she went on to earn 12 medals over the course of her career, including eight golds.

· After competing in exhibition events in the first-ever Olympic wheelchair racing event in 1984 in Los Angeles, Candice competed at the 1988, 1992 and 1996 Games, as well as at five editions of the Paralympic Winter Games in the alpine and Nordic ski racing events.

· A nine-time Paralympian who competed in three sports: track and field, alpine skiing, and Nordic skiing. She also had the opportunity to compete on an Olympic stage, when wheelchair racing was an exhibition event, in 1984, 1988 and 1992 and won two bronze medals.

· Cable’s athletic career includes 84 first-place finishes at various marathons around the world.

· She has demonstrated a continued commitment to the future of sport, including at the time of her Hall of Fame induction, serving as the vice chair for LA 2028 and consulting with various groups across the world to create a more inclusive environments for those with disabilities.

Why Candice is Fearless

· When she was 21 years old in 1975, Candace’s whole life changed when she became a T11 – L1 paraplegic after a car accident. Being a lifelong resident of California, she was sent to Rancho Los Amigos for 2 years of rehab, but they were spent in denial and withdrawal.

· She soon overcame a 2-year slump and enrolled at California State University in Long Beach majoring in physical education. Meeting others in wheelchairs to see how they adjusted and to get more involved in disabled sports programs were her two goals, and she unquestionably met her goals.

· The first competition she entered was the National Wheelchair Games in 1979, but soon after the games, she decided to focus on wheelchair racing after a recommendation from one of her coaches.

· She went on to become a pioneer for the sport, winning 9 Paralympic gold medals and two Olympic gold medals.

· Before retiring in 2006, she raced in over 75 marathons, winning six Boston marathon titles.

· In the late 1980’s she tried on a different sport on for size – alpine skiing (adapted downhill skiing), and she fell in love with skiing all over again (like she did just before her injury

After Retirement

· Becoming un-involved after her retirement was not part of her retirement plans. Candice directed a nonprofit organization called “Turning Point Tahoe,” that fosters outdoor recreation for the disabled

· She also stared “Advancing Our Abilities,” an organization that creates programs for the disabled in public schools.

· Candace also went on to collaborate with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation as one of their official bloggers and is featured in several of the informational videos on their site, mainly cross-country how-to videos, explaining how to do the sport and do it safely.

· Cable works around the world consulting and educating about disabilities and how the universal values and benefits of playing sport contribute to development and peace is societies.

· Candice is a member of The Foundation for Global Sports Development Champion Ambassadors family

Closing Statement:

Candice Cable had an amazing athletic career that’s transformed into a life dedicated to helping others, that’s the beauty of Candace Cable and her life. It has been told and noted by many, when she speaks as a Champion Ambassador, rooms are packed with youths, something magical happens, and you feel the energy in the room as it grows and grows.

Source of Information: Various Google Searches

Until Next Week, Stay Safe and Well!

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