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10/24/2022 – “Dyslexia Awareness Month” By Kaylee McGrath

The Month of October we celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Month and support those with this learning difficulty. Dyslexia is not a disorder of any kind; but is a learning impairment that causes problems with writing, reading, and spelling. The intelligence of dyslexic people is unaffected. This misunderstanding of the condition leads to stigmas, which Dyslexia Awareness Month aims to eliminate. In addition to raising awareness, Dyslexia Awareness Month helps society understand dyslexia better, which in turn helps those with it. Participating organizations and associations host events and create resources that share information with employers, teachers, and in the community. The material highlights dyslexia, its related issues, identification, and how everyone can make adjustments to accommodate dyslexics. The month gets a lot of attention in the media, demonstrating the plight of dyslexic people and what they face daily.

In 1877, German neurologist Adolf Kussmaul was the first to identify a phenomenon called ‘word blindness.’ And 10 years later, a German physician coined the term ‘dyslexia’ to describe difficulties in reading. Over the years, countless studies have researched dyslexia, concluding it isn’t a disability at all, but those with it think differently. In 2002, M.R.I.s done by professionals at Yale University found that the brains of people with dyslexia worked differently as compared to ordinary people. In 2005, a gene related to dyslexia was discovered by the team working at Yale.

How To Observe Dyslexia Awareness Month

Share Your Story

• If you or someone you know has dyslexia, share your journey with others. It will be truly inspirational.

Attend An Event

• Go to one of the many events hosted by the International Dyslexia Association (I.D.A.) across the United States.

Learn About Dyslexia

• Read and learn more about dyslexia. It is good to be aware and identify it and make things easier for dyslexics.

Five (5) Facts About Dyslexics That Everyone Should Know

The Percentage

• Approximately 70% — 85% of children placed in special education for learning disabilities are dyslexic.

They Are More Creative

• Dyslexics are creative and have higher levels of intelligence.

Walt Disney Was Dyslexic

• Disney was diagnosed with dyslexia, which didn’t stop him from creating his massive empire.

The Right Side of The Brain

• Dyslexics use the right side of the brain more for processing information.

The Left-Right Conundrum

• Dyslexics don’t ‘see’ words backward, it’s the deficits caused by the interpretation of left and right.

Why Dyslexia Awareness Month Is Important

Dyslexics Become More Socially Inclusive

• As dyslexia still carries a social stigma, Dyslexia Awareness Month helps eliminate these stigmas and make everything more inclusive for dyslexics.

Awareness Is Important

• When people don’t know about something, they are confused and resistant to accepting it. Spreading awareness about dyslexia can help parents, teachers, and others identify dyslexia and become more understanding toward those affected.

Learning from what we know

• Awareness leads to better leads and research methodologies, which will help researchers study the phenomenon better.

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Until Next Week, Stay Safe and Well!

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